R²-JazzCube - Agnar Mar Magnusson auf Europatour - Piano-Solo

Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2018
Buchhandlung R² / Holzgasse 45 / D-53721 Siegburg / 45@bvb-remmel.de


Agnar began musical studies at a young age. After graduating from the FÍH school of music in Reykjavík and Conservatorium van Amsterdam in the Netherlands, he studied with Larry Goldings and other private instructors in New York. There, he also was introduced to many known jazz musicians and that led to the recording of his first CD titled 01 with Bill Stewart on drums and Ben Street on bass. 01 was released in and distributed around the world by the Spanish record company Fresh Sound-New Talent. Since then, Agnar has released many CDs, most of which have been nominated for the Icelandic Music Awards totaling in 20 nominations and 2 awards. Agnar has played/recorded with among others; John Hollenbeck, Drew Gress, Frank Foster, Seamus Blake, Ingrid Jensen, Ben Street, Bill Stewart, Chris Cheek, Perico Sambeat, Ari Hoenig and many more.

Die Reihe R²-JazzCube wird unterstützt durch die rhenag - Rheinische Energie Aktiengesellschaft. Das EnergieBündel. Seit 1872.

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